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Selling My 1st Home

I want to sell my home, but how?

Getting your home ready to be sold can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but together we will go through the process as partners. Most buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready. The unspoken truth about selling a home that needs repairs is that it sends a message to potential buyers that the home was not properly maintained. But you loved your home and your time there was filled with many fond memories, it shouldn’t be a big deal that it has some wear and tear right? Unfortunately first impressions may not send the message you want. You will more likely get low offers or very few offers on your home. Trying to sell a home like this can be a frustrating and long ordeal. As your agent and partner I will spend the time with you explaining the steps needed for us to give your home the best chance of selling quickly and for the maximum return.

Getting the home ready.

Everyone will have a different opinion on what it takes to make a home ready to sell. My approach is very systematic and prioritized to what must happen and what would just be nice to have happen. Even the buyers who say they will not mind a little fixing here and there will often turn away from a home that needs minor repairs for a home that is move-in ready. I will assist you in removing the guesswork of what needs to be done. Will this time of our developing partnership be time consuming? Yes! I would rather spend quality time with you discussing the needs of you and your home, rather than just getting a sign in your front yard and hope it sells down the road.

The infamous for sale sign is in the front yard, now what?

By the time I have my sign in your front yard, I too have money and time already invested into your home, and I am now a partner in this relationship and fully committed to selling your home. I will use my tools of the trade and marketing experience to get your home out there for buyers to find. Not only will they find your home, they will be more willing to make an offer because of the time and hard work we put into the home getting it ready to be sold.

An offer was made; we’re in the money right?

Every offer made will be examined to see if the buyer is financially qualified and will be given to you. The very first offer made could be just what you want, but if isn’t then we’ll go over the offer together and determine if you want to negotiate or pass on it. We’ll work together to iron out any wrinkles in the negotiations to sell your home as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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